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sierpnia 2021

HASCO's customised ejector portfolio is extended

HASCO's extensive ejector portfolio for the efficient demoulding of parts from injection moulding, compression moulding and diecasting tools has been further extended – with the customer very much in mind. Gaps in the existing range have been closed in order to meet individual customer requirements even better than before.

The portfolio has been supplemented by a variety of ejector pins, ejector sleeves and flat ejector pins. With around 170 new additional versions in 13 product groups, HASCO offers maximum flexibility that allows individual selection of the most suitable products for every application.

Ejectors for every application

The proven standard program of hardened or nitrided ejectors with conical head or shouldered, with or without DLC coating, has repeatedly been supplemented in the last few years by a number of innovative products.

The ejector pins Z410/… with anti-twist head, for example, allow precision centring of individually contoured ejector or core pins in the mould. The flat ejector pins Z4656/… and Z4655/... with two or four corner radii are preferably used in critical areas of injection moulding tools such as ribs or crosspieces. With the hardened and nitrided ejector sleeves Z458/..., complex articles can be demoulded safely and effectively. Especially for particularly long ejector strokes, the ejector sleeves Z4501/..., have a longer guide bore of 100 mm in all available sizes.

With this addition, HASCO is closing further gaps in its range and thus supports its customers even better when it comes to selecting the most suitable ejector pin.

Simply configure online

With the innovative ejector configurator, HASCO makes it possible for its customers to easily configure online individually cut-to-length ejectors in four tolerances from 0/+2 to +/-0.01 mm that are well-proven in mouldmaking. The online configurator is particularly user-friendly. With just a few clicks, the length can be defined, while the delivery time and price can also be directly viewed. The ejector configurator is a flexibly designed tool that simplifies and speeds up the ordering process. Short delivery times guarantee maximum efficiency and reliability for the production process.

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