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sierpnia 2021

DLC coated quality standard components ensure a longer service life

Not only in the injection moulding of packaging products, medical products or toys is it important to avoid the use of lubricants. Lubricant-free operation with maximum service life is nowadays increasingly required in the production of many other plastic products such as white goods and precision parts for the automotive and computer industries. As a result, moving components with a DLC coating are being increasingly used in tool and mouldmaking.

HASCO establishes DLC coatings as the standard

As a pioneer of the "Diamond Like Carbon" coating, HASCO offers the most comprehensive standard range of DLC coated quality standard mould components, unmatched by any other provider on the market. It covers not only locating, slide and guide components, but also moving elements such as ejectors, ejector sleeves, two stage ejectors, latch locking units etc.

Maximum service life without lubrication

The advantages of a DLC coating are immediately obvious. The surface hardness of up to 3,000HV is significantly higher than the 950HV of a nitriding layer. The accompanying high abrasion resistance and good corrosion prevention enable lubricant-free operation and thus longer maintenance intervals and maximum service life. Also when running dry, cold welding of the mould components is effectively avoided.

Suitable for clean-room applications and LGA-approved

Because of the elimination of any need for lubrication, DLC coated components are ideal for use in clean-room conditions, and, thanks to their LGA approval, are also suitable for use in the food industry. There is no longer any need for the time-consuming subsequent cleaning of the grease marks from products, and the economic efficiency of the production process rises while the reject rate falls.

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