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marca 2019

New HASCO multi-zone control unit sets standards

HASCO is extending its hot runner product portfolio with an innovative generation of control units in the H1280/… series. This controller is noted for its high functionality and comprehensive diagnostics and sets new standards in ease of operation. Three housing sizes with 6 to 36 zones are available as table-top units.

With its new intuitive touch user interface, the controller is easy to operate. Unique and innovative operating functions support the user right from the start by entering data at all the different navigation levels. The Quick Start assistant guides users through all the key settings via a dialogue and enables even untrained personnel to safely commission the controller within a very short time

The consistently integrated help function provides comprehensive help for all the different functions at the touch of a button. Tedious searches in the operating instructions are a thing of the past. The innovative, smart navigation ensures that users can always retain an overview.

A further highlight is the individually adjustable zone display. Different values can be displayed, as required. The integrated 7" display can be swivelled and set at the ideal viewing angle irrespective of where the controller is located.

The functions offered by the hot runner controller include comprehensive monitoring to protect the controller, hot runner system and mould. One unique feature is the troubleshooting agent, which enables the cause of a malfunction to be located rapidly and also contains illustrated instructions for its rectification. So all users are in a position to quickly eliminate malfunctions by themselves.

A further decisive advantage is the robust and service-friendly design. The cooling elements on the outside ensure ideal heat elimination, thus guaranteeing greater reliability and a longer service life for the electronic components. The sensor inputs are equipped with voltage protection, which detects excessive voltages and switches off the affected zone in the shortest possible time.

A special start-up routine detects short-circuits in a fraction of a second – long before a fuse can blow. The fuses for the individual zones are accessible from the outside and can thus be readily replaced when necessary without having to open the controller housing. Even the triacs can be easily exchanged on the main board without any soldering.

The controller can naturally be operated in star and delta networks. This, together with the many user languages to choose from, makes it suitable for use worldwide. The integrated Ethernet, RS485, CAN and USB communication interfaces permit universal data exchange with a whole range of devices. And, equipped with OPC UA, the controller is ideally suited to modern Industry 4.0 applications.

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