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stycznia 2021

New HASCO hot runner control unit Primezone H1281 – for simple, high-precision control

With a new generation of innovative control units under the name Primezone H1281/…, HASCO – your reliable system supplier for tool and mouldmaking – has extended its portfolio of hot runner products. The new control unit stands out through its high control accuracy, its intuitive user interface and comprehensive diagnostic functions

The generously sized 10" touch screen display offers an outstanding overview of all functions and allows easy operation of the controller. Innovative operating functions support the user during input at all navigation levels. The intuitive and multi-lingual user interface is similar to modern smartphones, whereby the most important settings can be activated very quickly and easily without the need for any operating instructions.

Simple and intuitive operation as with a modern smartphone

When developing the new user interface, it was very important for us to break new ground in the software development and to allow users the same intuitive operation they know so well from their smartphones, explains Florian Larisch, Executive Vice President Hot Runner Division. The majority of users will rarely need the detailed operating instructions. The high-precision control accuracy guarantees stable processes and subsequently top-quality injection-moulded parts. The standard functions of the hot runner controller include a wide range of monitoring functions to protect the controller, the hot runner system and the mould. One of the highlights is the integrated mould diagnosis, which checks the wiring of the hot runner components before start-up and immediately recognises potential assembly errors. This prevents damage to the mould and thus avoids expensive repair costs.

Integrated mould diagnosis recognises wiring errors

The robust and service-friendly design of the devices with externally mounted cooling units guarantees ideal heat dissipation, which not only increases the reliability but also significantly extends the service life of the electronics. A very useful detail is that the fuses of the control circuit are accessible from the outside, which means that, if necessary, they can be replaced very quickly without opening the controller housing. Four models are currently available from 6 to 96 control zones. Three desktop versions, 6 to 48 zones and a floor standing mobile version for 64 to 96 zones. The new housing design with the angled 10" touch screen display guarantees an outstanding view of all the functions and offers extremely ergonomic user comfort.

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