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maja 2019

HASCO Innovations

Mould Base-Technology

The greatly extended flat steel range with around 2,000 new dimensions is noted for its high dimensional accuracy and surface finish. New products, such as the flat ejectors with overlength blades, offer a wide range of innovative solutions for functional demoulding. Compact, precisely engraved marking stamps permit clean and clear reproduction.

The versatile temperature control range has been rounded off by new, highly flexible, twist-free and kink-resistant EPDM hoses with high-strength synthetic textile reinforcement and PFA high-temperature hoses in a perfluoroalkoxy copolymer (PFA) with a solid silicone coating. It also has safety couplings for high-temperature applications and manifold blocks for flexible temperature-control circuit design.

The status indicator shows the different mould statuses through flexible and unambiguous marking as well as clear colour coding. The proven locking cylinders with mechanical end-position sensing now also cover applications up to 180°C.

Hot Runner-Technology

With the HASCO Hot Half, equipped with a single needle valve, users benefit first and foremost from the high efficiency and safety of this all-in, ready-to-connect system, which is immediately ready for production.

A new generation of controllers has been added to the hot runner product portfolio. The multi-zone controller is noted for its high functionality, comprehensive diagnostics and new standards in operating comfort. The intuitive touch user interface supports the user right from the start at all the different navigation levels.

A further highlight is the screw-in Vario Shot nozzle. This enables ready-to-install systems, which are designed, constructed and manufactured to customer specifications. Simple assembly and dismantling inside the mould is guaranteed, as is leak-free operation and optimum temperature homogeneity.

The HASCO portal www.hasco.com offers quick and easy access worldwide to all the new developments as well as to the complete product range.

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