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listopada 2019

Hack Formenbau, HASCO, PHÄNOMENTA and Kunststoff-Institut Lüdenscheid

In the process of globalisation, German mould manufacturing faces many challenges. In particular, it is about safeguarding the future through further expert training of specialists and managerial staff. Only in this way, can the lead we have internationally, in terms of quality and performance, be preserved on the basis of wide-ranging know-how. An important aspect is close inter-regional cooperation between various companies and institutions.

The trainee excursion undertaken in Lüdenscheid by Hack Formenbau GmbH from Kirchheim/Teck, can be seen precisely in this context. Together with 15 trainees, two instructors and three other participants, the company's senior manager Wolfgang Hack embarked on a trip to the Sauerland hills where an exciting program awaited them.

The event had been organised by Marius Fedler and Torsten Urban (Kunststoff-Institut, Lüdenscheid), Torsten Schulze (PHÄNOMENTA) and Jochen Müller (HASCO). They wanted not only to demonstrate the hospitality offered by the Sauerland region, but also to present the mould manufacturing expertise existing in Lüdenscheid.

The excursion started with a visit to the leading international manufacturer of standard mould units and hot runner specialists, HASCO. After enjoying a snack, Andreas Schmied and Jochen Müller gave the participants a guided tour of the facilities. Among the highlights were the presentation of the latest innovations from the recent K plastics show, and a visit to the training workshop under the leadership of Andreas Wünsch, who is head of training at HASCO.

Subsequently, PHÄNOMENTA managing director Torsten Schulze exclusively opened the doors of the Science Centre to the visitors. The interest shown by the upcoming young technicians at the various stops during this unique experience was enormous.

The morning of the second day was spent visiting Kunststoff-Institut, Lüdenscheid. Following a welcome from Marius Fedler and a brief visit to the pilot plant, the trainees and instructors were given a special task to carry out. Under the leadership of Torsten Urban, they were asked, as part of a simulation game, to mould the PHÄNOMENTA USB stick (originating from a trainee project from HASCO and Kostal).

At the end of the excursion, visitors and hosts were enthusiastic about the exchange of information and the many positive impressions. For HASCO, the visit was an excellent opportunity to deepen the cooperation with the partners in the Lüdenscheid network and for Hack Formenbau GmbH, away from the everyday activities, to present itself as a valuable competence partner.

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