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stycznia 2021

Consistent parametrisation with native CAD databases

HASCO’s native CAD databases are perfectly matched to the needs of modern mouldmaking. The extensive added value of the data, which includes installation spaces, enables users to benefit from considerable time and cost savings over the full length of the added-value chain for mouldmaking. Working with experienced designers, the CATIA, Siemens NX and SOLIDWORKS databases have now been extended still further. 

Rapid and consistent access to CAD data for standard parts is a basic prerequisite for efficient design in mouldmaking. With its CAD data that offers additional added value, HASCO has moved a decisive step ahead and opened up further savings potential for its customers. The native data, generated in the original CAD systems, also includes the installation spaces and enables considerable time savings in the design process. The installation spaces can be included in the individual design with just a few clicks, together with the contour that needs to be removed.

Native CAD data with installation spaces for the shortest possible design times

The fully parametrised data also has decisive advantages if changes are required, because the relevant parts will automatically adapt to the corrections made. The parts list generated immediately afterwards guarantees a high level of process reliability and categorically rules out any incorrect orders. The extensively automated ordering process ensures prompt delivery in time for the start of assembly, rounding off the overall process in a perfect manner.

Maximum process reliability through automatically generated parts lists

Links to the native databases are very easy to implement in the CATIA, Siemens NX and SOLIDWORKS CAD systems. HASCO’s CAD/IT specialists offer customers digital support through remote maintenance software and provide them with helpful tips on using the high-quality data.

HASCO gives its customers particularly easy and rapid access to detailed information on all its products. Technical specifications for more than 100,000 products can be called up at any time, together with the corresponding 3D design datasets, on the portal.

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