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października 2017

The new ejector pin Z410/… – precise and with an anti-twist head

Ejector pins with an anti-twist head permit the precise centring of individually contoured ejector or core pins in the mould. The new generation of HASCO ejector pins Z410/... with an anti-twist head offers optimum solutions in this respect. 

The centring surface on the cylindrical head permits a secure, clear mounting position in the mould. Individually contoured ejector or core pins can thus be precisely centred. With a suitable design for the counterbore, the head geometry can also fulfil the function of a standard DIN ejector pin if required.

The new ejector pins with their simple mounting geometry can be installed with perfect repeat accuracy, offering a precise and positive fit. They thus ensure clear-cut positioning. The surface area of the ejector head can be used in full, guaranteeing maximum stability.

HASCO supplies the new ejector pins in hardened, hot-working steel. The pins can be further processed to suit individual requirements, including through additional heat treatment such as nitriding, or an additional coating. All sizes are available from stock. 

Download: Press release