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lipca 2019

HASCO Days Portugal 2019

The HASCO Days in Portugal were held at the end of June this year for the tenth year running. The fact that this event has now become a firm fixture in Marinha Grande with its concentration of mouldmaking companies is also borne out by the increasing enthusiasm of the company's Portuguese customers. HASCO Portugal was able to welcome around 700 visitors over the course of the two days.

The concept, with technical lectures in the morning and a technology show in the afternoon, was retained for 2019. On the first day, the focus was on specialist lectures devoted to the topics of standardisation and digitisation. The second day was dedicated to the motto "Introducing new technologies in mouldmaking". Customers, partners and HASCO employees from Portugal, Austria and Germany staged competent, high-quality presentations.

The specialist exhibition at this year's HASCO Days registered a record number of 20 exhibitors presenting the very latest technologies for the mouldmaking industry. The growing number of exhibitors is a clear indication of the increasing level of recognition that the HASCO Days are enjoying – not only on the Portuguese market but also at international level, and particularly on the German market. Of the 20 participating companies, four came from Germany. For them, the HASCO Days constituted the ideal platform on which to access the Portuguese market.

To mark the 30th anniversary of HASCO Portuguesa, an anniversary dinner was held with more than 100 guests invited. Over the past three decades all the guests, together with HASCO as a certified supplier of high-quality standard components, have contributed to shape the development of the Portuguese industry.

A further highlight of the HASCO Days was the presentation of the HASCO Original Reference Partner award. This recognises the loyalty of customers who opt for original HASCO products. These awards were first presented in Portugal in 2017, when 17 certificates were issued. This time, a total of 32 companies received the award.

The HASCO Days are a key event for strengthening the HASCO brand on the Portuguese market, with the company constantly gaining new partners to work with. "We as the HASCO Team believe that our customers, partners and speakers are expecting us to stage this event every year, with an ever-increasing level of professionalism. Therefore, all that remains for us to say is that we will be meeting once again in Marinha Grande in 2020", says Nuno Gomes, Diretor Geral HASCO Portuguesa.

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