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lipca 2019

HASCO Sauerland Run 2019

Summer time, the motorcycling season – and time for the HASCO Sauerland Run.
This traditional motorcycle tour has acquired cult status and been a firm fixture in HASCO’s annual diary for a number of years now. Motorcycle enthusiasts amongst the company’s customers and employees met up in mid-July for a weekend of delightful motorcycling against a backdrop of pure nature.

Close customer contact forms part of HASCO’s corporate philosophy. With the Sauerland Run, the Lüdenscheid-based standard component specialist offers participants the opportunity to engage in discussions and get to know one another in an environment far removed from their day-to-day routine.

There is always great anticipation for this special excursion. The event got going with participants meeting up at the HASCO company premises to learn more about the innovative options available for mouldmaking on a guided tour of the works.

This was followed by what was doubtless the most exciting moment of the tour – when the participants took charge of their bikes for the weekend in Hagen. The US road cruisers were all lined up, awaiting their riders.

fter what were high-decibel engine start-ups, the riders departed along winding country roads to their evening meal and overnight stay in Sondern am Biggesee. The destination for the second day, after an intermediate stop at the Möhnsee, was the Bike Week in Willingen. This event features a packed four-day programme, 100 exhibitors in the Dealer Area, a 1,000 m² covered-over party location, 30,000 Harley fans, a 40,000 m² festival location with music, shows and action galore.

To conclude the tour on the Sunday, the route took the riders back across the beautiful Sauerland countryside to Lüdenscheid. Once again, this was a HASCO Sauerland Run of a special kind with interesting discussions, plenty of fun, good food and lots of cornering to master in a charming landscape.

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