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listopada 2020

Standardisation – a guarantee of sustainable success

High-quality standardised components form a reliable basis for modern mouldmaking. Their consistent, continuous use makes it possible to achieve efficient processes.  In a world subject to ever faster change and increasing digitalisation, standardisation constitutes a basic prerequisite for mouldmaking if a company is to remain competitive over the long term. Particularly advantageous is the fact that the use of standard components not only boosts efficiency in one area but also provides a great deal of added value over the entire added-value chain, thus guaranteeing sustainable success.

Attaining the highest possible productivity constitutes a decisive success factor in the face of increasing pressure of competition, especially in economically difficult times. Standardised components for mouldmaking guarantee sustainable success, since their consistent use will optimise the entire process chain. This starts at the development stage already, where native CAD data for standard elements and their installation spaces can be readily incorporated in the design by drag and-drop. When constructing an injection mould, the assembly time can be considerably shortened through the use of ready-to-mount standard components.

Standardised components guarantee an optimum value-added chain

When standardised components are used, synergies similarly result in machining and assembly, since the tools required can be kept to an absolute minimum. In addition to these time and cost advantages, the use of standardised components also speeds up the time to market, which is of fundamental importance for a large number of new developments in an ever-faster world. In plastics processing, standard components that have proven themselves many thousands of times over guarantee maximum production reliability. In the event of planned maintenance, or wear or defects, standard mould components permit rapid repairs and keep downtimes to an absolute minimum.

Shortest downtimes in plastics processing thanks to proven standard components

Standardisation gives mouldmakers additional freedom to concentrate on cavity design and optimum production properties for their moulds and thus constitutes a guarantee of sustainable success.

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