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Estrutura de elementos móveis, Ejector type


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Pos14 Pos13 Pos12 Pos11 Pos9 t1 s2 b1 l1 s1 N° do produto
Z31/5x30 Z31/6x20 Z1000W/46/9 Z1000W/46/10 Z010/14x67 14 46 100 130 16 K2501/100x130x16
Z31/5x25 Z31/6x20 Z1000W/46/9 Z1000W/46/10 Z010/14x67 18 46 100 130 20 K2501/100x130x20
Z31/5x25 Z31/6x25 Z1000W/56/9 Z1000W/56/10 Z010/14x75 23 56 100 130 25 K2501/100x130x25
Z31/5x30 Z31/6x25 Z1000W/56/9 Z1000W/56/10 Z010/14x75 30 56 100 130 32 K2501/100x130x32
Z31/5x30 Z31/6x35 Z1000W/66/9 Z1000W/66/10 Z010/14x75 38 66 100 130 40 K2501/100x130x40


  • To suit moulding geometry, the designer has the choice between Ejector type K 2500/... and the Stripper type K 2201/... 
  • K 2500/... as well as K 2501/... are available in 8 sizes with 5 split heights each.
  • Splits (K 2528/...) and core retainer insert (K 2531/...) are not supplied. 
  • Construction elements and angle pins actuation are positioned within the mould.
  • Regrindable split guides.
  • Interchangeable wear plates. 
  • Splits (K 2528/...) can be fully utilized for cavity contour and cooling.
  • Split length is equal to mould width.
  • Parallel slot in K 2528/... (Mat. 1.2767/ 1.2343 ESU) with dimensions re-ground according to hardness.
  • Distortion on hardening of splits does not affect the guiding system. 
  • Length of core retainer insert (K 2531/...) is equal to mould width.
  • Easy readjustment of dovetailed guide strips.
  • No tilting of split guide due to favourable length/width ratio.
  • Splits are secured by integrated spring plungers.
  • Undisturbed drop of mouldings.
  • Guide strips and guide bushings are offered in selflubricating design.