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Contador de ciclos mecânico , esquerda

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s1 N° do produto Dados CAD
56 A5732/56
66 A5732/66
76 A5732/76
96 A5732/96
116 A5732/116
196 A5732/196

HASCO’s new mechanical cycle counters are used to reliably monitor the number of mould strokes during injection moulding. The A5731/... cycle counter is fitted in the moving half of the mould and the A5732/... in the fixed half. They provide a simple form of monitoring and thus reliably support the mould maintenance process.

Special Features

  • 7-digit, not resettable
  • A5731/... for the moving half
  • A5732/... for the fixed half
  • Min. switching displacement 3.5mm
  • Reliable process monitoring
  • Max. ambient temperature 120°C
  • Small space requirements
  • Easy to mount, countersunk possible
  • 6 different lengths available from stock
  • No battery required
  • mechanical counter

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