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января 2017

HASCO Austria under new management

After six successful years as managing director of HASCO Austria Ges.m.b.H. in Guntramsdorf, Dr. Ernst Brenner will be taking his well-deserved retirement at the end of February 2017. Over the past few years he has established a new business model and realigned and reorganised HASCO Austria to reflect the brand values of innovation, agility, simplicity and performance. With the conversion work carried out on the office building and the comprehensive investments made in plant, he has been able to strengthen and continually expand HASCO's market position in Austria as well as in the sales region of Central and South East Europe.

The new managing director of HASCO Austria is Elfriede Hell, MBA MLS. She has supplemented her mechanical engineering training with additional studies in the field of management and strategy as well as in commercial law. She previously worked for more than 20 years in plant engineering and has developed innovative solutions for the plastics industry in the fields of extrusion, injection moulding and recycling.

Her core competencies include international sales, building up business units and product management. Elfriede Hell has a reputation for being solution-oriented, strong on decision-making and inclusive. She will be taking forward the investment programme in production and infrastructure that is currently running at HASCO Austria and will be pressing ahead with strengthening customer focus.

The overriding aim is to provide optimum customer care in the sales regions of Central and South East Europe. The already close cooperation with mould makers and injection moulders is to be boosted still further through on-the-spot customer care. In line with the company's claim of Enabling with System, HASCO Austria's customers are to benefit to a greater extent from HASCO's outstanding product quality, rapid deliveries and optimum price to performance ratio. Additional aims include expanding local application-technology competence and providing more intensive training for the company's own specialist personnel.

HASCO Austria is the second-biggest subsidiary in the HASCO Group. With more than 100,000 products in the fields of standard component and hot runner technology, HASCO contributes to simpler, more efficient and higher-performance mouldmaking. Both tool and mouldmakers and the plastics processing industry benefit from the innovative solutions it provides.

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