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июня 2016

Vocational college teachers visit HASCO

HASCO, the Lüdenscheid-based producer of standardised parts attaches great importance to training young people to become competent skilled workers. The internationally leading supplier of modular standard components and accessories sees itself as holding responsibility in the region and makes sure that it can obtain qualified young employees from within the company.

HASCO developed and established its SEED training concept in order to provide as sound and successful a form of training as possible. SEED is a German acronym that stands for "Independent, Responsible, Results-oriented and Thinking". And one aspect of this demanding concept is the involvement of the vocational colleges.

Andreas Wünsch, Head of Industrial Training: "Close contact with the vocational colleges is extremely important for us. The ongoing discourse with specialist subject teachers, in particular, helps us to closely coordinate theory and practice and interlink them in such a way that we can provide holistic training."

Against this background, HASCO held a practical workshop for teachers in the Lüdenscheid Learning Center on the subject of The use of standard components in tool and mouldmaking. Around 50 vocational college teachers from the immediate vicinity and also from the state of Thuringia took up the invitation and spent a whole day intensively studying subjects related to standard components and hot runners.

The focal points of the day included: innovative training; the latest technologies in tool and mouldmaking; relaxed mould building – innovative, low-stress quality steels; cold runner/hot runner technology with application examples and the new HASCO Portal. The HASCO specialists from distribution, training, technology and marketing conveyed valuable knowledge and gave topical insights into industrial practice and the situation on the market.

The practical highlights of the event, with particular relevance for training, were the presentation of a current training project and a design exercise that had to be completed as a team.

The concluding discussion on the workshop produced a great deal of positive feedback. Axel Fehling, HASCO Area Sales Manager for Germany West and in charge of the event, drew a positive conclusion: "It's simply important for us to know one another. Working together, we can improve on the training still further and give young people career perspectives. The committed involvement of the technical college teachers in a workshop of this type shows that, together, we are on the right path."

At the end of the event, a number of the participants took up the opportunity to go on a guided tour of the innovative production facilities and one of the most modern high-bay warehouses in Europe. There, they were able to experience live precisely what HASCO stands for: Enabling with System. 

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