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марта 2018

Impressive HASCO partnerships at METAV 2018

In 2018, HASCO, as an internationally leading, agile and high-performance supplier of modular standardised components and accessories, once again took advantage of METAV to present its latest product innovations. Customers from the tool and mould-making sectors, in particular, were able to take a look for themselves at the latest options for simplifying design and production. 

In addition to the presentations on its own stand, HASCO’s innovations were also put on show for visitors and customers by the company’s cooperation partners Hermle and Röders, All the companies were able to benefit from this trade fair partnership, with the three parties being on an equal footing. The focus was on highlighting specific product advantages through practical applications. Testifying to a shared quality awareness, the individual systems and solutions convinced those who came, through the high performance they offered, together with the corresponding customer benefit.

Röders GmbH from Soltau, is a company specialising in the development and production of particularly high-grade HSC machines (high-speed milling machines). It demonstrated the performance of its machines by machining P1 plates in the new pre-hardened HASCO steel, 1.2714HH. This steel is noted for its optimum hardness, which means it is ready to use without need for additional heat treatment. It permits efficient work and hence time savings.

Under the slogan “Milling at its best”, Hermle AG from Gosheim has become one of the internationally leading suppliers of machining centres over the past 80 years. At METAV, Hermle presented HASCO’s A8001/… clamping fixture. The fixture permits precise and cost-efficient clamping and alignment of HASCO K plates and ejector plates. Horizontal and vertical machining of all the standard mould dimensions can be performed without any problems. Visitors were able to experience convincing results live when it came to machining accuracy and process dynamics.

HASCO has traditionally worked together with machine manufacturers, with its cooperation going way beyond joint activities at trade fairs. HASCO relies on the synergy effects that are achieved through a continual pooling of experience. This close cooperation ultimately leads to better overall results with clear practical advantages. Not only mould and toolmakers benefit from this but, ultimately, the market as a whole.

For HASCO, Hermle and Röders, it was certainly worthwhile working together at METAV, as is borne out by the positive customer feedback on the live presentations. 

Download: Press release