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сентября 2016

New HASCO specification for quality and reliability

Specifically for mouldmakers and their clients, the leading international supplier of standard mould units, HASCO, has developed a comprehensive mould specification. With this specification, Toolmakers and their customers can together define the design of complex moulds down to the last detail. It serves as a practical tool for recording design instructions and project planning. The objective of the specification is to significantly simplify the mouldmaking operation for all involved, and to ensure the quality of the resultant injection moulding tool from the very beginning.

The HASCO specification also yields a valuable customer benefit. It makes certification or recertification of the users to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 or ISO/TS 16949 very much easier. In the auditing, it provides unambiguous documentation for an established quality process.

Since the beginning of quality standardisation in Germany, HASCO has opted for continuous quality management along the entire supply chain. HASCO has for many years been operating according to DIN ISO 9001:2008 and will be recertified next year to DIN ISO 9001:2015. This means in practice that every HASCO product and all services connected to the product (consulting, delivery, service …) reliably comply with the quality requirements defined in the standards.

At product level, customers recognise the original HASCO quality by unmistakable product markings lasered into the product. Detailed information (for example, batch numbers in the raw steel) guarantees full traceability right back to the original supplier, thus offering protection against problematic copying.

At HASCO, the entire supply chain is quality-assured and thus offers significant competitive advantages for Toolmakers and Injection Moulders. The requirements made on the company's own quality assurance systems are guaranteed through the uninterrupted traceability.

To protect their own interests, customers should make the aspects of quality, quality management and certification the central selection criteria when choosing their suppliers. This protects against defective products, minimises the risk of failure and secures the overall cost efficiency of their own production process. It also makes the important aspect of quality much easier and more reliable. The HASCO specification provides optimum support in this respect. 

Download: Press release