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июля 2016

HASCO is consistently committed to a certified quality management system

For HASCO, quality forms the basis for good, serious and economically successful mouldmaking. Only by consistently living out its quality principles, can the company implement its claim: HASCO - Enabling with System.

HASCO has been certified to the valid and demanding quality standards of DIN EN ISO 9001 since the start of the Nineties already. All the company's processes are geared to quality. And all employees engaged in the value-added process are incorporated in the company's quality assurance system. Through this system, HASCO ties itself directly into its customers' quality assurance – with customer satisfaction being its highest priority.

Mouldmakers can readily and reliably live up to their own quality claims and those of their customers through consistent quality management. The automotive, packaging and medical technology fields are particularly subject to stringent requirements, and only certified partners can guarantee dependable processes and production, together with cost-efficient working.

HASCO products are comprehensively marked so as to permit full traceability. This unambiguous marking offers users who are observing prescribed specifications of maximum security in distinguishing between original products and copies.


In the event of deviations, error sources in the process chain can be directly identified and eliminated. The result: very low levels of complaints and returns. Such a high quality performance can only and ultimately be achieved through a professional and consistently implemented quality management system.

In their own interests, mouldmakers should make the aspects of quality, quality management and certification the central selection criteria when choosing their suppliers. This protects against defective products, minimises the risk of failure and secures the overall cost-efficiency of their own production process.

In addition to having high quality aspirations, the Lüdenscheid-based manufacturer of standard components is also aware of its responsibility in respect of sustainability. In this context, HASCO is intensively engaged in reducing its own energy consumption and optimising its energy balance. Through the measures implemented to date and the instruments that have been established, HASCO's energy management has been certified to DIN EN ISO 50001 :2011 by the TÜV Nord. Christoph Ehrlich, HASCO CEO: "We do, in fact, consume considerably less energy in the meantime. We have set ourselves demanding targets and, thanks to our energy management system, are gradually moving closer to these."

HASCO gives you a head start through a certified quality management system.

Download: Press release