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июня 2017

HASCO Days 2017 Portugal

As a globally leading supplier of modular standard components, accessories and hot runner technology, HASCO is constantly taking up the latest topics. From 10 to 11 May, the focus at Portugal's HASCO Days was on state-of-the-art production technologies for injection moulds and plastic articles, as well as on the virtual assistants, tools and instruments that are available to make moulds more competitive. A large number of customers and interested parties benefited from the comprehensive programme of lectures and workshops.

The event was organised by HASCO Portuguesa at its Marinha Grande location. Twelve partner companies presented their products at the accompanying exhibition. Over a total of two days, experts presented innovations and industry solutions at product and process level. The main focus was on the application of the latest technologies and the simplification of mouldmaking and plastics injection moulding through standardisation and digitisation. HASCO presented its standard component and hot runner innovations and also demonstrated the new online portal with its user-friendly functions for supporting mouldmakers and designers.

The focal topics of the first day:
Drilling – AMEC (AM Tools), MCU 700 5-axis machine – superb precision with a long life (MAS Kovosvit), New laser applications in the mouldmaking industry: welding, engraving, hardening and… (Quada Laser), Innovation & Specification (HASCO), ARBURG and Industry 4.0 in injection moulding (ARBURG), Additive manufacturing and its applications in the mouldmaking industry (CODI), Vario Shot – 1 Nozzle 1000 Possibilities (HASCO),

The focal topics of the second day: 
Innovation at the service of injection moulds (TCA), Reach your targets with HASCO® and Cadmould® 3D-F® + Varimos® (CANDMOULD), HASCO-Update (HASCO), 3D optical scanning solutions (ZEISS), Tebis – The virtuality that makes your mould more competitive (MCG - Mind For Metal), More time for other things with the new HASCO Portal (HASCO)

The speeches were followed by an award ceremony at which 25 companies were presented with the ”HASCO ORIGINAL - Reference Partner 2016” Diploma.

At the end of this event, which was well-attended as in every year, all the participants were able to take a great deal of new and valuable knowledge home with them. José Silva, General Manager of HASCO Portuguesa: “The feedback from our customers could not be better. This was the eighth Open House we have held in Portugal and we proudly regard it as one of the greatest events in the Portuguese mouldmaking industry. It is an opportunity for our customers to learn about the latest industry innovations from the idea to the final product. The event is unique because our customers attend the lectures and can then put into practice the applications that were presented.”

Alongside the technical lectures, the accompanying programme offered the 515 participants plenty of time and space for networking, as well as optimum opportunities for extending their contacts within the sector.


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