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oktober 2016

New HASCO nozzle series H6000 – one nozzle, 1000 possibilities

HASCO has now extended the company's own nozzle range by the particularly high-performance and highly efficient Vario Shot nozzle series. In developing this completely new series, the focus was on compact mounting dimensions, optimum temperature control, ease of servicing and a modular design. The rapid implementation of more than 1000 nozzle variants permits countless demanding applications, from simple gating onto a subrunner through to high-end valve gate solutions.

The different Vario Shot nozzles permit immersion depths of up to 300 mm, and can be used to process engineering and reinforced plastics and produce medium-sized injection mouldings with a shot weight of up to 2000 g. The complete interchangeability of all the relevant components, including the heating, thermocouple, nozzle body, nozzle tip and melt chamber, significantly facilitates maintenance and servicing. The nozzle is designed in such a way that the heating and thermocouple can be replaced without removing the nozzle tip.

The meticulously determined heating capacity distribution, coupled with a delivery that is gentle on the melt thanks to the generously-dimensioned flow channel, ensures a homogeneous temperature profile and low-shear filling of the mould. A precise, uniform temperature is achieved over the full length of the nozzle through the ideal arrangement of the Fe-CuNi thermocouples and efficient insulation from the cold mould. Engineering plastics with a narrow processing temperature range can also be reliably processed with these nozzles.

All Vario Shot torpedo tips are made of an innovative high-tech alloy and have flow-optimised geometries. In addition to their excellent thermal conductivity, they have a high wear resistance. A special coating can also be applied where necessary.

Additional specifications for the design of the nozzle were the highest possible melt throughput for the smallest possible size, and maximum stability. The compact design permits small mounting dimensions, a close pitch for multiple gating applications and a low overall energy requirement. Since the mounting spaces have a similar layout to the Techni Shot series, existing moulds can be supplemented, optimised or converted.

The large selection of nozzle lengths for manifold and single nozzles makes for extensive freedom in mould design. HASCO's specialist advisers and application technicians are always pleased to assist their hot runner customers in optimally coordinating the nozzles and nozzle tips for particular applications.   

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