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januar 2018

Vario Shot - 1 nozzle 1000 possibilities

The technical centrepiece of any hot runner system is the hot runner nozzle. This has a decisive influence on the mechanical properties, the quality and the appearance of the injection moulded part. In addition, the properties of the hot runner nozzle frequently influence production efficiency, such as short cycle times, a low energy requirement and a low outlay on maintenance. For this reason, the customer requirements on a hot runner nozzle have undergone considerable development over the past few years. Customers no longer wish to adapt to the predefined solutions of the hot runner suppliers but are increasingly asking for tailor-made products that can be aligned individually and as easily as possible to specific applications.

Global competition is currently creating a situation where designers, mouldmakers and injection moulders are increasingly called upon to generate unique selling points through innovations. And it is important to always keep an eye on cost efficiency and profitability when doing this.

Moulds are increasingly incorporating a greater number of functions in the fields of demoulding, measuring technology and temperature control. At the same time, however, attempts are made to keep the moulds as compact as possible so that production can be run on the smallest possible injection moulding machines. This means that hot runner systems also have to fit into increasingly small installation spaces and thus have to be designed to be as compact as possible.

HASCO’s hot runner division has responded to these latest requirements by developing the new Vario Shot nozzle series H6000 that is tailored to current market demands. The HASCO hot runner specialists have channelled all their knowledge and experience, acquired over 40 years of hot runner technology, into the new nozzle. The development work focused on aspects such as homogeneous temperature distribution, compact design, a broad application range thanks to a modular system and ease of servicing.

It was important for countless practical tests to be performed at the concept phase, so that all the ideas could be thoroughly checked. In addition, using the first prototypes, injection moulding tests were conducted on actual applications together with the customers. Since the Vario Shot nozzle series was brought onto the market for K2016, the nozzles have been successfully used in more than a thousand applications.

The positive feedback from users shows that HASCO has developed a premium product here which fulfils the requirements 100%. It has proved possible to achieve the optimum balance between a compact design and an optimum temperature distribution, making it feasible to process challenging plastics without any problems. The flow-optimised torpedo geometries permit gentle transport of the melt and hence high-grade injection moulded parts.

The modular parts concept and the big range of special torpedo variants to choose from means that HASCO is in a position to customise the nozzle for a specific application. In addition, this concept guarantees especially easy servicing, since all the components are easily exchangeable, including the heating unit, sensor and torpedo tip.

The modular component concept additionally offers clear business advantages. The number of individual parts to be assembled has been more than halved compared with the Techni Shot series. And the number of configurable variants has been more than doubled despite this. Reducing the number of component types ensures efficient stock management, thus further increasing availability. HASCO promises that its spare parts can be supplied anywhere in Europe within 24 hours.

Vario Shot offers countless possibilities and sets new standards in hot runner technology which companies should try out for themselves.

Author: Florian Larisch, HASCO AUSTRIA GmbH, Executive Vice President, Hot Runner Division

Fig.: Vario Shot - nozzle selection

Further pictures on request. 

Download: Press release