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oktober 2018

Update - HASCO specification for injection moulds

In 2016, HASCO developed a comprehensive mould specification aimed specifically at mould makers and their clients, which can be used to jointly define the design of complex moulds down to the very last detail. It serves as a practical tool for recording both design instructions and project schedules. The aim of the specification is to significantly simplify the mouldmaking process right from the outset and to ensure the quality of the injection mould that is created through the use of original standard components from HASCO. 


HASCO tackles mouldmaking – a highly dynamic sector characterised by innovations – with agility, and repeatedly comes up with new solutions. Against this background, HASCO has now published its Specifications for Injection Moulds 2.0. This updated and extended practical tool is available in the media library on the HASCO portal and can be filled out easily and individually on a PC. 

With the current Version 2.0, the specification now offers even more advantages. The latest product innovations have been added, for example, and the hot runner component section has been restructured and made clearer in the process. With new digital use possibilities, intelligent links have been created on the different tools in the HASCO portal. In line with the logical structure of the specification, these take users to the mould base assistant with its layout editor, the ejector configurator, the nameplate editor and the HASCO certificate to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. 

Version 2.0 of the HASCO specification further reinforces the central customer benefit, making the user's own certification or re-certification to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 or IATF 16949:2016 much simpler. For auditing, it provides clear evidence of an established quality process.

Ever since quality standards were introduced in Germany, HASCO has been committed to consistent quality management across its entire supply chain. HASCO has been complying with the quality standards for many years and is certified to DIN ISO 9001:2015. In practice, this means that every HASCO product and all the services connected to the product (consulting, delivery, service …) reliably meet up to the quality requirements set out in the Standards. 

At product level, customers can recognise original HASCO quality through the unmistakable product markings lasered into the product. Detailed information, including the clear batch numbers for the raw steel, guarantees full traceability right back to the original supplier, thus offering protection against problematic copies. 

At HASCO, the entire supply chain is quality-assured and thus offers significant competitive advantages for mould makers and end customers. Product quality is guaranteed and the requirements made on the company's own quality assurance systems are ensured through the continuous traceability.

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