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junij 2016

HASCO and A-FORM sponsoring an enduro team in the Erzgebirge

The Erzgebirge mountains have traditionally been home to many successful enduro sportsmen. A large number of German champions as well as European and world champions in this demanding and challenging sporting discipline hail from here. One of the most successful enduro racing teams from the region at present is the Kolbl Racing Team. The 20 active riders regularly pitch themselves against the German and European enduro elite at regional and supra-regional racing events, including the Sächsischer Offroad Cup, Flöha Pokal, Rund um Zschopau, Getzn Rodeo and Hüttn Extrem. Team boss Jörg Ullrich is repeatedly delighted at the top places achieved by his offroad heroes. 

HASCO customer A-FORM AG located in Mildenau in the Erzgebirge has been supporting the team since 2013. The two companies have now decided to become joint sponsors for the 2016 racing season. Elke Hoffmann, head of marketing at HASCO: "Sponsoring a committed, successful enduro racing team is the ideal match for us. Technology, performance, rapidity and agility all rank in the forefront. In the same way as in our industry, things move at a fast pace in enduro racing, and only with really good technology can you be assured of a place up front. In 2016, the Kolbl riders and their machines will now be sporting the HASCO logo too. Through our support, we hope to secure one or other additional victory. We are highly excited and will be caught up in all the suspense."

The financial contribution from HASCO will be used to cover the racing and equipment costs of the individual riders. Jörg Ullrich: "These race series are particularly expensive. To ensure that our riders can translate their talents over the race course into successes, we need the help of sponsors. That will enable us, for instance, to equip each rider with the necessary protective and team clothing. Because nothing is more important than arriving intact at the finish, regardless of the position achieved. 

We are proud and grateful that HASCO is also making a very important contribution to our continuing success here too, and are looking forward to donning a new logo in 2016."

Download: Press release