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Innovative tool for designers: The HASCO NX library

The HASCO NX library, an innovative tool for mould designers, has been developed in close cooperation with long-standing cooperation partners. The library, which is designed as an NX native database, is geared precisely to the requirements of the Siemens CAD system NX. Mould-building customers and designers can simply download the database and use it directly in combination with the NX system.

Easier, faster design

The key advantage of the new tool for mould designers is the reuse library. Here, numerous HASCO standard mould units can be called up as CAD models and easily integrated into the design by drag and drop. This creates new possibilities for faster working and accelerates the process of mould design. A practical benefit is provided by the parametric design of the models, which adapt automatically, depending on the particular assembly situation. Through the integration of latch locking mechanisms in the system, designers can directly adjust the stroke during assembly.
Moving forward, we will continuously extend the NX native database – including the reuse library – with new CAD standard mould unit models.

Installation manual

Aplikacija MouldWizzard

Aplikacija Mould Wizzard so razvili orodjarski konstruktorji. Standardne komponente sistema so parametrične in predstavljajo podatke za dokončanje za nadaljnje programiranje CAM. Tako je proces poenostavljen in podpira snovanje in izdelavo orodij.

HASCO je partner tako uporabnikom kot razvijalcem aplikacije. Standardne komponente HASCO, uporabljene v sistemu, so številne in jih je mogoče neposredno uporabiti.

Podrobnejše informacije o aplikaciji najdete v tej brošuri in neposredno pri Cimtecu.