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julij 2019

HASCO native data for CimatronE

The subject of data preparation for a wide range of CAD systems is taking on increasing importance. HASCO is cooperating with leading industry software specialists on this. Via the HASCO website, customers and designers can call up technical data for more than 100,000 products in the company's overall portfolio, including the corresponding 3D data records for the different CAD programs.

HASCO is now offering updated native data for the CimatronE CAD system. The parametric data is integrated directly in the CAD system without the need for a detour, via an exchange format, which can cause loss of data. This has clear advantages for the process as a whole and opens up additional options permitting rapid, straightforward implementation from the calculation through to design and production.

HASCO has now updated its data library for CimatronE, Version 13.0. A number of optimisations have been implemented in this update. These include the expansion of the ejector range, the integration of all HASCO product innovations and the standardisation of product names and designations. This latter optimisation permits easier searching in the catalogue and a correct display in the parts list. The new HASCO native database Cimatron V1 2019/05 is available to download free of charge at

Using CimatronE 13.0 in conjunction with the HASCO native database Cimatron V1, complete mould units can be readily loaded in accordance with the selected catalogue standard and individually modified and extended in the design process. This saves time, boosts efficiency and ultimately increases competitiveness in tool and mouldmaking.

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