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Val av produkt/utförande

h2 h1 b1 l1 d1 Produkt CAD-data
15 35,09 28,8 30,4 14,2 Z1897/14,2

The new HASCO SmartLock Z 1897/... has been specially developed for use in injection moulds. It combines the advantages of a slide retainer with those of a limit switch for the first time.

Its friction locking and electric position sensing permit the risk-free use of slides.

Special Features

  • Precise end position control
  • Continuous monitoring of the end position
  • Protects the mould against damage through a premature closing movement
  • Service temperature up to 121°C max.
  • User-friendly mounting
  • Ready for immediate use with a pre-assembled cable
  • Includes fixing material
  • Fibre glass-reinforced nylon with a steel body
  • Holding force 7.7
  • 12.1 kg