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Val av produkt/utförande

F d1 l1 Produkt CAD-data
7 6 10 A4300/6x10
12 8 10 A4300/8x10
45 10 12 A4300/10x12

The new HASCO permanent magnets A 4300 /... are used to magnetically secure metal inserts in injection moulds in cases where they cannot be reliably kept in place.

Special Features

  • High temperature resistance up to 300°C for short periods up to 200°C continuously
  • Particularly strong magnetic retaining force through an SmCo pill magnet
  • Brass housing for magnetic separation
  • No loss of force if used correctly
  • 3 different diameters
  • Fits in small spaces
  • Front contourable (max. 2,5 mm)

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