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Anslutningsnippel, with valve, High Temperature

Val av produkt/utförande

p sw1 l3 l2 l1 d3 d2 Typ d7 Produkt
20 24 11 33,5 57,5 21,5 9 13 G3/8A Z819HT/13/G3/8
20 24 11 33,5 57,5 21,5 9 13 M16x1,5 Z819HT/13/16x1,5

The proven HASCO multiple shut-off couplings and multiple shut-off nipples are now standard for high-temperature applications.

With the multiple shut-off system Z809HT/... and Z819HT/..., HASCO is setting optimum standards in process safety for applications using hot water  or heating/cooling oil.

Special Features

  • Optimum performance for mould temperature control
  • High-temperature sealing rings for maximum loads
  • Distinguished from the standard range by their colour
  • Virtually leak-free uncoupling
  • Available with M16x1.5 and G3/8 connection thread