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augusti 2016

Complete easy-to-order HASCO product assemblies

Alongside innovative force, agility and performance, the HASCO brand stands for simplicity. The use of standardised HASCO mould units enables mouldmakers to build injection mould tools as simply as possible. One of the main objectives here is to speed up processes, focus on core competences and make use of competitive advantages through optimised economic efficiency.

The leading international manufacturer of standard mould units, HASCO, offers its customers simplification back at the ordering stage in the form of the product assemblies that has recently been added to its product portfolio.

These packages comprise of technically related products that have been joined together to create ready-to-use components. They have also been tried and tested in practice. The innovative assemblies enable customers to carry out the ordering process faster because individual parts and interdependent articles have already been defined ready for assembly and combined under a single order number. The entire consignment is made up directly with all the relevant connecting elements and delivered in one pack.

With immediate effect, HASCO can supply customers with the following assemblies: rectangular guide unit, flat guide unit, linear ball guiding unit, ball guiding unit with and without collar and the ejector package guiding unit. These are integrated into the HASCO ordering system and can be easily ordered via the new HASCO portal,  www.hasco.com.

The product assemblies not only simplify the process and save time, they have another important advantage in that mistake orders are avoided. This naturally helps to optimise economic efficiency in mouldmaking. 

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