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New modifiable HASCO sprue puller insert - Individually configurable gates

In order to retain sprues on the ejector side when the mould is opened, use is frequently made of sprue puller inserts. The sprue is held back by means of an appropriate undercut that creates a positive hold.

With the new, modifiable sprue puller insert Z530/… HASCO supplies a blank that the customer can configure as required. This allows mould makers to design and incorporate an optimally laid out sprue with a freely configurable undercut. With the longer version, mould makers can rapidly and easily satisfy application-specific requirements in terms of design and length.

The use of ejectors with a sprue puller hook does not pose any problems and this makes it possible to dispense with an undercut in the puller insert.  

The longer guide spigot of the puller insert permits the use of gate inserts with a curved tunnel. In this way, the sprue can be guided out of the insert during ejection. The extended guide spigot ensures optimum guidance with central ejection.

The sprue puller inserts Z530/… in 1.2826, hardened to 56HRC, are ready to mount and are available from stock in 20 different dimensions. An anti-rotation lock ensures precise, reliable mounting.

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