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Hot runner


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十月 2017

New H6500 nozzle series, 1 nozzle – 1000 possibilities

The HASCO Vario Shot nozzle range has been extended by the H6500 nozzle series. In addition to a large number of other application areas, this series is particularly suitable for processing engineering and reinforced plastics.

The innovative system nozzles screw into the hot runner manifold block and permit the production of fully assembled, ready-to-install hot runner systems. Immersion depths of up to 300 mm can be achieved, together with medium-sized injection mouldings having a shot weight of up to 2000 g. 

The screw-in nozzles, developed on the basis of the Vario Shot series, guarantee complete exchangeability of all the relevant components, including the heating unit, thermocouple, nozzle tip and melt chambers. They also permit precise temperature control and easy servicing.

The guaranteed leak-free, screwed connection between the nozzles and the manifold block ensures that the entire manifold system can be easily mounted and removed from the injection mould. This significantly facilitates servicing and maintenance work.

The optimum distribution of the heating output, coupled with very small temperature losses in just the front centring zone, make for the best possible temperature profile. A precise and uniform temperature is achieved over the full length of the nozzle thanks to the ideal arrangement of the Fe-CuNi thermocouples and the efficient insulation from the cold mould. In this way, engineering plastics with limited temperature ranges can be reliably processed too.

The streamlined torpedo tips made of an innovative high-tech alloy display excellent thermal conductivity and a high wear resistance; they guarantee an extremely low level of shear during mould filling.

In designing the nozzle, key specifications included the biggest possible melt throughput for the smallest possible size, plus maximum stability. With their compact design, the nozzles fit into small spaces, allow tight pitches for multi-cavity applications and consume only a small amount of energy.

A large selection of nozzle diameters and lengths makes for a broad performance range and a high degree of freedom in mouldmaking. HASCO’s specialist advisors and application engineers are available to provide support in selecting the best design for a specific application.  

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