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Hot runner


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七月 2017

The HASCO modular needle valve range H107900/…

The needle valve range H107900/… has been consistently designed to allow users to benefit from a large number of practical advantages. In developing the components, the focus was on ease of assembly, service-friendly operation with only a minimal outlay on maintenance and a high level of flexibility coupled with a modular design. The modular nature of the assemblies ensures that the individual components are readily available should replacements be required.


The advantages of the system derive from the large number of demanding solutions provided for individual details. Each drive unit is equipped with a special adjusting mechanism for the valve needle, which also compensates for any misalignment due to heat expansion. The needle can be fitted easily and rapidly from the outside through the clamping plate. A standard commercial screwdriver is all that is required for the subsequent fine adjustment of the needle position, which can be done after the system has reached the required melt temperature.  


For the hydraulically operated needle valves, two housing variants are available in three different sizes, with two stroke lengths according to the needle diameters. The piston and adjustment mechanism are integrated in both cases. The H107900/… housing is designed to fit in the clamping plate and its precision machined / high surface quality bore holes ensure a virtually leak-free system. The H107920/… variant is used as a flange version on the hot runner in combination with a spacer and cooling plate. This allows fully wired and piped systems to be produced. Since the valve needles can be fitted and removed without opening the hydraulic system, it ensures clean conditions when carrying out servicing and repair work.


The pneumatic drive solution H107910/...  can be fully integrated into the clamping plate in the form of a built-in cylinder without a housing. Here too, the adjusting mechanism is made up of the modular interior components, and the four different sizes of needle valve diameters with variable strokes permit an individually configured system. If one of the cavities becomes defective, for example, this can be closed down with a locking edge washer without interrupting the entire production process.


The needle valve range is rounded off by a comprehensive selection of accessories. These include specially developed spacers for more effective thermal insulation, high-precision valve needles and valve needle guides to provide a seal against the melt stream.



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